Judd Lander - Born in Liverpool - was an intricate part of the late Mersey scene, playing with a local group 'The Hideaways'. Around this period Judd Lander met up with Sony Boy Williamson II (indisputably one of the worlds greatest Blues Harmonica players). Judd kindled a relationship with Sony Boy who in return tutored Judd on the intricacy's of the Blues Harp.

With this invaluable tuition Judd moved to London to further his career as a session musician. His popularity rapidly excelled and became very much in demand. However, intrigued by the workings of the music industry itself, he decided to join a then small label Charisma Records promoting artists such as Genesis, Peter Hamil & Lindisfarne and Monty Python, whilst still retaining his status as a respected session musician.

His flare and reputation for PR was such that Apple records approached him to work with John Lennon on his 75 release "Rock'n'Roll" Album, and Ringo's Snookeroo project. Whilst working at Apple he was asked to perform with various house acts including John, Ringo, Jackie Lomax and Badfinger. After a successful period with the smaller record labels he was approached by US major CBS (now Sony) records to work with acts such as Abba, Michael Jackson and Meat Loaf.

Staff producer Steve Levine aware of Judd's musical talents hired him for a session with the then relatively unknown band Culture Club, Judd created the now infamous harmonica lead lines on their No 1 - Million sellers "Karma Chameleon"   & "Church of the Poison Mind" a glut of TV and Wembley Stadium performances followed. In this period Judd was also invited to join Paul McCartney on stage at a charity concert and has since worked with Paul on various projects.

Judd, moved into the world of music television firstly as associated producer on The St Lucia Jazz Festival shot in the Caribbean then onto a host of other productions which included a documentary he produced called “The Killer In Exile” featuring Jerry Lee Lewis. His onscreen credits can also be seen on the biggest event in the UK music calendar The BRIT AWARDS, Judd has worked on this show for the past 8 years. The last 5 years saw Judd as Head of A&R and special project at warner.esp. a then newly created division within media giants Warner Brothers. More recently he has returned to his passion in pr – his wealth of media contacts has allowed him to proceed with ease into the competitive world of music pr - 2000 sees the birth of JUDD LANDER PR
As a musician Judd has performed on well over 200 session and is credited by artists such as Prefab Sprout, Madness, The The, Tina Turner, Beach Boys, Mike Oldfield, Dina Carrol, the Communards and more recently can be heard performing on works by more contemporary artists; Richard Ashcroft, Annie Lennox; his classic solo contribution on the single ‘Say You’ll Be There’ by Million selling artists The Spice Girls can still be heard pounding over the airwaves. In addition to all this he now has an entry in the 1997/8/9/00 “Who’s Who In The Music Industry” and has recently received one of the highest musical accolades by receiving the Gold Award from BASCA ‘The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors’. Held at London’s Savoy hotel. This coveted award celebrates the achievements of an outstanding group of people who have made a special contribution to Britain’s music industry. Judd now lives in Hertfordshire a county just outside of London, where his office walls don an array of Gold and Platinum discs and awards, serving as a testament to the contribution he has and still is making in the few years of his being in the music business.

Suffice to say somewhere in the world you will no doubt hear his dulcet tones blasting out of the radio or TV.