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And in the press...

"Judd convinced Jeff Beck to appear on the BBC TV show 'The Old Grey Whistle Test'. Judd was working on promoting Jeff's latest album, 'There And Back', and Ernest Chapman had told him that Jeff was willing to do selective interviews 'reluctantly'. Jeff felt that his music should do all the talking. With this in mind Judd arranged for Jeff to appear with host Annie Nightingale for an exclusive interview. All the stops were pulled, press releases, promos etc. for the show but then on the day before Jeff's management called and said, 'Jeff can't do the show'. Needless to say Mr. Lander freaked out, so the next day he got in a limo and headed down to Tunbridge Wells with a set of bagpipes. On arrival, he took off all his clothes and marched up Jeff Beck's driveway naked playing 'Hi Ho Silver Lining' on the bagpipes much to the household's amusement. In the end Jeff agreed to appear on the show provided that Judd did his bagpipe thing live on TV! And sure enough that's just what happened right in the middle of the interview - Judd could be seen walking behind Annie and Jeff naked playing the bagpipes!"

Source : http://www.kirstymaccoll.com/conn/l.htm